Learning Center

Students will receive high quality oversight while attending their online classes from 7:00 am-6pm Monday through Friday. We will provide a safe place for students to engage in their classes online if working from home is not optimal. We can safely accommodate 20 students at our facility. Those students residing in vulnerable living situations have first priority.

  • Each student will have a workstation each day where they can set up their laptop and participate in classes online. 
  • We have secured the appropriate bandwidth to avoid connectivity issues.
  • Qualified staff will be on hand to supervise and offer support with classwork if needed.
  • All students’ temperature will be taken each morning.  Any child with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will not be allowed to stay.  All students must wear masks all day and maintain social distance. 
  • Proper sanitation and disinfecting of our facility will be conduct
  • Breakfast, lunch and snack will be provided.